2.2 Grant Application Process Information
– Step 1

Qualifying Information

Carefully read over our guidelines and other materials to be sure you are eligible to apply and to learn more about our process.

Qualifying Quiz

Take our quick quiz to verify that you qualify to apply for funding and to access an emailed link to our application.

Complete our Application

Complete our online application to share your project with us.

Application Review

Our review team will carefully review your application and will provide regular updates regarding our progress.

Welcome to TPP’s grant application! We are glad that you are here.

We are honored to learn about your project and vision. We hope this is the beginning of a meaningful relationship with you, one that starts with seed funding but expands as you connect and engage with our global community of 4,000+ changemakers. We look forward to reading your application. Please do read the information on the following pages carefully prior to applying.

What types of work are The Pollination Project’s small grants designed to support?

At The Pollination Project, our goal is to contribute to the creation of a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world for all. We work towards that goal through our support of community-driven grassroots initiatives that empower individuals and inspire others.

This means that rather than narrowly defining the issues or types of work that we fund or the geographical regions in which we make grants, we instead choose to be led by our applicants . So long as a project fits our criteria, we can consider any charitable work anywhere in the world which moves us towards a better world.

We work with teams of volunteer grant reviewers to make our funding decisions and can consider almost any cost which you feel best serves the goals you have for your work. The following pages outline some of our conditions around funding.