Animal Advocacy

Meditation Retreats

Mindfulness-based advocacy.

Animal advocates and plant based advocates could look the world over and not find anyone more worthy of their own kindness and compassion than themselves. In our experience, as we grow ourselves in well-being, others become more receptive to the message of veganism and compassion for all. Even more, advocacy done with mindfulness can be regenerative and reduce the risk of burnout.

Growth brings change.

We continue to offer these meditation retreats because we believe our inner landscape has a profound impact on our outer landscape. While scientific research has repeatedly shown this to be true, our wish is to put the insight into practice in our movement, such that all involved parties benefit through ever-increasing compassion-in-action.


Erfahrungsbericht über das Online Retreat vom 3.-5.12.2021

  Es war schön, so viele Menschen kennenzulernen, die das gleiche Problem haben wie ich. Die große Dimension des Leids der Tiere und das Erkennen der Tierindustrie in unserer Gesellschaft wurde mir erst gegen Ende 2019, also erst mit 56 Jahren, bewusst. Ich bin...

Virtual Animal Advocates Retreat

May what I’m about to do yield favorable results. May it give me the capacity to benefit others. May it help me overcome ignorance and limitation. May it clear away all obstacles on the path. May it lead me to the union of wisdom and compassion.  OM AH HUM SO’HA So...

Personal Reflection on the Virtual Animal Advocacy Retreat

My Personal Reflections on the Virtual Animal Advocates Meditation Retreat - May 2021   Animal Advocacy work is big work. It is the work of a lifetime. It can also be incredibly challenging for many of us - and to me for sure. This retreat with Tashi and about 30...