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The Pollination Project is a collaborative Foundation that offers seed funding ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Our network of sixty five grant advisors and five country coordinators, each an expert in their respective fields, leads our funding decisions.

This participatory grantmaking process aligns with our ethos of empowering individuals on the front lines to effect positive change within their communities, cultures, and countries.

Beyond financial support, The Pollination Project Foundation assists grantees in taking their initial steps towards fundraising and offers first belief in their mission. Additionally, we offer capacity-building workshops, mindfulness retreats to prevent burnout, and resource navigation to ensure that our grantees’ work achieves tangible goals.

At TPP, we believe in people, so we invest in people. 

Oluwaseyi Tolulope Kehinde-Peters

The impact

of a seed grant

Sylivia Kyomuhendo: Enhancing Healthcare Access in Rural Uganda

Location: UGANDA

With the support of a TPP seed grant in 2022, Infants’ Health Foundation, led by Ms. Sylivia Kyomuhendo, has been able to significantly improve maternal and child healthcare in rural Uganda. This initiative, encompassing outreach clinics, motorcycle ambulances, and community engagement, has directly served 6,000 individuals, including low-income mothers and 0-5 children, and indirectly impacted many more.

The grant facilitated essential services, emergency transport, resource procurement, and partnerships, leading to enhanced healthcare access, reduced mortality rates, and broad recognition and success for the foundation.

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The stories behind the grants

Transforming Children Health in Nairobi with Seed Grant

Transforming Children Health in Nairobi with Seed Grant

In early 2023, Antony Koskey and his organization Conscious Kenya launched The Thriving Health Feeding Project to combat child hunger in Nairobi’s Mukuru Sinai, an informal settlement beset by economic hardships.

Supported by a crucial seed grant from The Pollination Project, the initiative provided nutritious food to over 1,500 children, significantly improving their health and educational prospects.

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The Precious Art Initiative: Empowering Africa’s Next Generation

The Precious Art Initiative: Empowering Africa’s Next Generation

How a seed grant transformed the Precious Art Initiative’s impact across Africa. Guided by Toluwalope Inioluwa Adesina, our support expanded the program’s reach to seven countries and enriched the educational experience for many young leaders. From enhancing digital engagement to equipping students with essential resources for their projects, this section explores the profound changes sparked by the grant, paving the way for future growth and deeper community impact.

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“We’re very grateful for the Pollination Project’s support. This organization was the first (outside of our first supporters) to believe in our mission.

As a result of this grant, we have gained credibility in the refugee community and will be able to continue to grow and work towards achieving our mission.”

Linnie Pawlek, Financial Literacy For Refugees
Colorado, USA

Profiles in compassion: The Story of Lava Mae

Find out how a small donation of $1000 helped launch a successful national model for homeless services. The Pollination Project makes small startup grants every single day of the year- all over the world.

A look behind the scenes


🌟 HOPE and JOY to an orphanage-lyceum in southern #Ukraine, home to 200 children aged 4 to 17. These children, many of whom have lost their parents or been displaced due to the ongoing conflict, deserve a safe and nurturing environment. 🌟

With the help of a seed grant, UAid Direct is working to renovate the outdated bathroom facilities and transform the arts and music room with new instruments and supplies. These upgrades will help the dedicated staff offer enriching art and music classes, providing a creative outlet for these resilient kids. 🎨

In late 2023, they visited this orphanage and they were truly moved by the love and care that radiates from the staff. They tirelessly organize extracurricular activities, ensuring the children have fun, distractions, and opportunities to learn skills vital for their future. 🧡

The opportunity to make a difference for the children of Ukraine fills our hearts. Together, we can create a brighter, more hopeful future! ✨

#UAidDirect #supportukraine #orphanagerenovation #artsandmusic #childrenofwar #hopeandhealing #seedthechange #heartivism

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🌟 Celebrate Juneteenth with The Pollination Project 🌟

Today, we honor the spirit of freedom and resilience. Juneteenth marks the end of slavery in the United States, a pivotal moment in our shared history. At The Pollination Project, we are committed to empowering change-makers who continue the fight for equality and justice every day.

Let`s remember, reflect, and rejoice in the progress we`ve made and the work that lies ahead. Together, we can create a world where freedom and opportunity flourish for all.

#Juneteenth #freedom #resilience #equality #justice #freedomday #ThePollinationProject #EmpowerChange #EqualityForAll #heartivism

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❤️ No mother and child should get sick and die just because they are poor or because they live far from health facilities.
Under Ms. Sylivia Kyomuhendo’s leadership, the Infants’ Health Foundation has significantly improved maternal and child healthcare in remote Ugandan areas through the project “No mother and child should get sick and die just because they are poor or because they live far from health facilities.” Funded by a 2022 seed grant from The Pollination Project, the initiative provides monthly outreach clinics, motorcycle ambulance services, and community dialogue meetings. These efforts have increased access to antenatal care, vaccinations, and emergency transport, reducing healthcare barriers for low-income families.
The seed grant has directly impacted approximately 6,000 individuals in Eastern Uganda, enabling the foundation to establish vital healthcare services and secure additional funding and resources. As a result, there has been a notable increase in antenatal check-ups, facility births, and postnatal care, contributing to lower maternal and child mortality rates. Moving forward, the foundation aims to sustain its outreach efforts, enhance team training, and ensure ongoing effectiveness through continuous monitoring and evaluation.

More info on our website [link in bio]

#childhealth #ugandachildren #healthcare #healthcareheroes #lowincomefamilies #smallgrantbigimpact #heartivism

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#gratitude #makingadifference #positivechange #heartivism ...

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Watch and listen to why The Pollination Project is so special. ⭐

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Every week, we bring you stories that will touch your heart and inspire your soul. These are the stories of individuals who embody courage, passion, kindness, and compassion. They are the changemakers who are actively creating a brighter world for us all.🤝

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In this new episode of "Sowing Change", Natasha interviews Madjalia Seynou, founder of Farmsahel, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization active in unlocking the potential of Sahel communities in Africa to achieve economic freedom through sustainable permaculture.
Since receiving their TPP grant Farm Sahel👇🏽
✳️ Has trained over 1500 women.
✳️ Has planted over 1000 trees.
✳️ Brought clean drinking water to a community of 5,000.
✳️ Increased food production by 56%.
✳️ Created 10 Cooperatives.

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A grant to support Marcella Assi`s efforts to empower women artisans in Belize by providing sewing machines and business development support. This initiative will enhance the quality and production of their handcrafted goods, promoting gender equality, economic empowerment, and sustainable development.
These rural women face challenges due to their reliance on hand sewing, which limits their market potential. Despite these hurdles, they have great creativity and skill. With access to sewing machines and training, they can innovate and improve their crafts, achieving financial inclusion and driving positive change.
Empowering these women breaks the cycle of poverty and fosters social change. In #Belize, there is a critical need for supporting indigenous women`s entrepreneurship. By addressing their challenges, this project will enhance the value of their handicrafts, enabling them to thrive.
#socialchange #womenempowerment #womenartisans #heartivism
#grants #philanthropy

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🌍 Celebrating World Environment Day at The Pollination Project! 🌱

Today, on World Environment Day, we at The Pollination Project are reflecting on the powerful impact of grassroots initiatives in driving environmental change. Over the past two years, we have had the privilege of funding over 250 projects dedicated to planetary health.

Part of our mission is to empower individuals and small organizations around the world who are passionate about our planet. These seed grants have helped to launch a diverse array of projects, from local reforestation efforts to innovative wildlife conservation techniques, and community recycling programs.

Each project we support not only nurtures the environment but also fosters strong community ties, involving local stakeholders in activities that have immediate and lasting benefits. This collaborative approach ensures that the seeds we plant today will bloom into sustainable practices that protect and enhance our natural world for years to come.

On this World Environment Day, we are inspired by the dedication and creativity of our grantees. We continue to commit to seeding change, one project at a time, encouraging everyone to take part in protecting our planet. Let’s make every day an environment day!

#wordenvironmentday #philanthropy #heartivism

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He`s making a positive change!
Sergio Gonzales is the president of Earth Mission. He`s new project aims to open hearts and minds about the importance of treating farm animals with love and respect. Through exciting rescues and interactive experiences, he demonstrates to both young and old that these animals feel emotions and deserve a full life, just like any other living being. 🌱🐮
Are you an animal advocate? Join us to create a more empathetic and aware world!

#animalrights #animaladvocacy #animalwelfare #compassion #empathy #heartivism

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Working to establish the first animal law NGO in Brazil 🧡
Meet Letícia Filpi, the visionary founder of GAAV (Grupo de Advogadas Animalistas Voluntárias) or Group of Volunteer Animal Lawyers. Letícia and her team are working to transform animal welfare laws in Brazil, especially for farmed animals. 🐮🐷
🔍 Their current project is all about pushing for legal change through strategic advocacy. They`ve taken bold steps by filing public civil actions against São Sebastião`s municipality and the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. Their fight addresses critical issues like live animal export, and harmful practices in dairy and livestock farming, including the separation of calves from cows, debeaking, ear tagging, and intensive confinement.
🏛️ The ultimate goal? To establish a pioneering animal law organization in Brazil, inspired by successful models in the US and UK. This will be a game-changer, creating a stronghold for legal advocacy, educational initiatives, and policy reform to protect our animal friends.

📢 Here’s how you can help:
1️⃣ Legal Protection & Welfare Improvements: Support their legal battles to end live animal exports and enhance farming practices, ensuring animals live better, more respected lives.
2️⃣ Animal Law Organization: Help lay the groundwork for this new organization, which will spearhead the movement for animal rights in Brazil.
3️⃣ The Pollination Project: Support the Global Animal Advocacy Program of The Pollination Project, that is helping hundreds of animal advocates all over the world.
Every action counts for a kinder, more just world for animals. Share, support, and stay tuned for more updates and more projects!

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At The Pollination Project we have funded and supported over 60 life-changing projects about Menstrual Hygiene Management so far. These initiatives are making a profound impact, helping countless women and girls access the resources and support they need. ...

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Every $1,000 we raise is another #changemaker we fund.