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Why We are a Vegan Organization

Veganism is a joyful way of life that embraces compassion towards all beings, not just humans. Vegans eat entirely plant-based diets, refraining from eating animals and animal products which require animals to suffer and harm the environment. They also typically abstain from wearing and using products made from animals.

The oppression of people, animals and our natural world is a global tragedy. The profound suffering created by oppressive systems, structures and institutions, is something we seek to impact and change, in whatever ways we can- from the food we eat, to the work we fund.

We hope to impact the system by which many people in the US get their food. The majority of the meat we eat is produced via factory farming. The implications of factory farming and the widespread oppression of animals reach far beyond meat consumption- and touch all issues- from peace to the environment, climate change, social and environmental justice and public health.

Furthermore, our global system of animal agriculture has been shown to be by far the greatest contributor to the environmental destruction of our planet, from water use required to rainforest destroyed, to greenhouse gases released in the process of raising animals for food.

What we put on our forks and on our plates turn them into either weapons of mass destruction and violence or tools of mass compassion, depending on the choices we make.

~ Julia Butterfly Hill

Here are some short videos that you can watch to learn more
about these issues and why this is at the core of our values.

Please note: The videos contain some graphic images that are inappropriate for children.