How Does $1000 Make a Difference?

Ask Our Grantees!

Our grantees share how their Pollination Project seed grant helped them build and expand their startup projects.

Janine Roberts, Ukama Community Foundation NPC, South Africa

The TPP grant has made a HUGE difference in running our project. We have been so blessed to be able to ensure that we have not run out of food at all in the year and additionally managed to buy extra catering equipment. The support of the social media that TPP has given us has also ensured we created awareness around the plight of the extensive poverty in South Africa. We are most grateful for this support, both monetary and online.

Elizabeth Roesler, The Heart of Lubbock Community Garden, Texas, USA

The Seed grant has empowered us to amplify our outreach efforts by providing a more aesthetically pleasing and functional garden. In order to sustain the future of our organization and create deeper roots with the city and community, we needed additional infrastructure and tools. Prior to receiving this grant, we did not have the financial resources to improve the functionality of the garden

Jamie Boban and Dana Overman, Kaga: create, South Dakota, USA

This grant was truly the "boost" or "spark" that our organization needed! Building trust within the Native American community is incredibly important. The Pollination Project provided so much more than just creative/artistic supplies for Native American Youth; you provided an opportunity for us to be effective and thereby gain trust within the community we serve, enabling us to continue on in our mission

Kathleen Kane, Compassionate Connections: The Intersectional Feminists for Animals, California, USA

The grant made a difference to myself and the others in the collective because we wouldn't have been able to have a kind of a jumping off point from which to begin our collective. It is also amazing to know that there are organizations out there like The Pollination Project which will not only support groups and projects that want to make change, but who also are concerned about people, animals, and the environment alike. As a group that is pro-intersectional, it is refreshing and a relief to come across a foundation like yours.

Jennilie Brewster, True Feelings, New York, USA

The Pollination Seed Grant made a huge difference to me on a personal level. When I received the grant I had just initiated a writing workshop, at Coler Specialty Hospital, for a group of residents who rarely attend the facility's enrichment activities. Most of the residents I was trying to reach spent most of their time alone in their rooms watching TV or outside the hospital getting high. For the first three months, I ran the workshop and sometimes had only one participant. It's likely that I would've given up if I hadn't received the support from the Pollination Project, which boosted my spirits and allowed me to bring in inspiring guests speakers.

Samy Santana, The Pollinator Pathway, California, USA

Without this grant, we could not have invited the science classes to document the effects month by month of converting planting areas from non-flowering shrubs to native flowering plants that support different important species of pollinators. The work funded by this grant helped me serve my community in three ways: 1) Physically changing the environment to support a healthier ecosystem; 2) Educating the community through signs on the purpose of this space, the need for pollinators, and our role in the ecosystem and; 3) Involving the science department on a longitudinal study between pollinators and the habitat. Each area has seating to invite people to interact with the space rather than just walking by

Mary-Justine Todd, Women’s Crisis Care International, Bahrain

The impact grant for TPP has made an incredible difference in the work of Women’s Crisis Care International (WCCI) because it allowed us to secure a safe community space to welcome victims for abuse. I am continuously honored to be supported by TPP as they continue to provide not only crucial financial support, but serve as an ongoing reminder of the good in the world, and that I get to be a part of that.

Abongta Moncha, Empowering Women and Promoting Education (EWAPE) Project

The Pollination Project grant has given me the opportunity to experiment new ways of tackling social change problems within rural communities. It has given a new impetus to the way women economic empowerment projects are implemented within the Bafut Subdivision in the Northwest of Cameroon. Thanks to the grant, 100 women organized in ten groups of ten members each in the Bafut community has set new boundaries and has achieved what has not been achieved by women in a short time frame. The grant has enabled me and my team to think out of the box and have founded an enabling environment, a platform named The Abongta Fund (micro-projects for social change).

Amanda Bernal Carlo, One Million Trees to Rescue Water of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Pueblo Bello, Cesar, Colombia

TPP could be the first step in the direction of getting a huge project done. The profile of donors to the TPP is quite inspirational and can help in acknowledging the effort of a group of people who want to make a difference in any part of the world by uniting the heart and mind in an important effort to solve a social, economical, or educational problem. We are describing here the image of TPP in the heart of the world, the SNSM. To work with The Pollination Project has been a privilege and an honor. Thank you very much for your outstanding support

Laure Ferguson, Tutoring for Success, Los Angeles, USA

The seed grant made a tremendous difference to me, my staff, and our work we do in the community. In the past, we had limited educational resources options, which made it a slight challenge to accomplish desired outcome in the time frame allotted. Now, we are able to create smaller groups than initially anticipated, provide take home study materials, and provide an array of fun and creative learning activities.

Dejah Powell, Get Them to the Green, Chicago, USA

The grant has inspired and motivated me even more to follow my passion of bringing about social change and teaching young people more about environmental issues that we are all affected by. The support from TPP simply shows that someone else supports this vision that I have of the world. Thank you so much for the grant! It has allowed Get Them to the Green to launch our first summer camp; we could not have done it without the support of The Pollination Project.