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How Does $1000 Make a Difference?

Ask Our Grantees!

Our grantees share how their Pollination Project seed grant helped them build and expand their startup projects.

Juliana Castaneda Turner, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, Colombia

We are always thankful for all the support. The sanctuary is succeeding due in large part because of the support of The Pollination Project and this means that the history for animals in my country is changing for the better. All the support The Pollination Project is giving is helping us to provide more education, new tools, and better ways to directly and indirectly, help more animals.

Chetan Padliya, Jal Pari Kyon Dhari Abhiyan, India

TPP is a unique organization that helps a lot of people who want to serve society with their ideas in their own ways...Our project is very has never been implemented before to my knowledge...TPP is an amazing funding partner. It was really a great experience to work with TPP, who helped us to kick start our campaign.

Dayamudra Dennehy, Lokuttara Communicative English Institute, Kerala, India

Our experience with TPP has been a wonderful opportunity to grow a small program in a sustainable way, responsive to the needs on the ground...We are also very inspired by the network of support through the TPP grantee group on social media. We have made great friends there across borders. Thank you, from all of us.

Christopher McGilvery, HUGS Book Share Program, TX, USA

I vividly remember receiving my first grant of $1,000 with TPP in December 2013. I finally realized someone believed in my work. It gave me the motivation, inspiration, and love to keep going...I don't think I would be able to be where I am today without the love of so many at TPP and the financial support. The grant allowed us to engage more community partners and sponsors, donors and volunteers for our cause. This past year, we received support from 5 granting organizations, which motivates us to continue to apply for grants and in-kind donations.

Mona Yadav, Sahas Foundation, New Delhi, India

The Pollination Project Impact Grant was the only financial support we received to accomplish the work we envisioned for this year. With folded hands and just gratitude in my heart, I wish to thank everyone at the Pollination Project for listening to our vision and providing this unconditional support, thereby keeping our dream for a world free from gender-based violence, alive. This means a lot to me and everyone at Sahas

Richardnewton Musomerwa, Fruit Tree Seedling Project, Uganda

I want to use this opportunity to thank you very much for your golden heart of giving. This seed funding, small as it looks, can do great things...Having a friend/someone to help you realize your dream is a motivation, a fuel to put you in a better position towards achieving your dream. And that is what the Pollination Project is doing, supporting us in our quest to provide innovative answers. A big thank you to the whole Pollination Project team.

Ravi Keerthi, Mission Vegan Andhra, Andhra Pradesh, India

I am honored and deeply touched to be one of the few recipients of The Pollination Project grant in India for 2018. Thanks for the generous and much needed support for my Project 'Mission Vegan Andhra.' My dream of making Andhra a compassionate and animal friendly state took off in a big way with the necessary boost from TPP at the right time. I convey my gratitude for believing in me as an influencer and change maker in the society and providing me with the necessary moral and monetary support... The grant gave me a lot of confidence and showed me that if [...]

George Reginald Freeman, Our Lives Matters!, Barcelona, Spain

On behalf of Pride Equality International, we acknowledge the support of The Pollination Project for their financial, technical, and moral assistance rendered in making this project a reality. It is by collaborating in projects such as this that will help to minimize xenophobia, racism, and all forms of discrimination against African asylum seekers, undocumented Immigrants, and refugees in Europe. As stated by an asylum seeker from Ghana 'The Pollination Project is the world's most compassionate human kindness organization that goes the extra mile to put lasting smiles on people's faces.' Thank you very much TPP for your kindness and compassionate act globally!

Mercedes Howard, Michiana VegFest, Indiana, USA

On behalf of the Michiana VegFest team, I want to thank you dearly for your assistance. The seed grant enabled us to reach the public and start achieving our goal with even higher success than we anticipated. As a result of your generosity, we were able to take the steps to create a healthy, sustainable project that is thriving and growing. It is inspiring to think of how much The Pollination Project enabled our team to do, and how ours is only one project among a vast number of recipients of the seed grant. Reading the stories and connecting with groups and individuals [...]

Irshad Soomro, Pollinating The Power Against Gender Based Violence, Pakistan

TPP is one of the world's most flexible organizations. They support those who are really dedicated to making a difference in their communities. If your work is rooted in the community, and if you are genuinely interested in moving ahead to new frontiers, the small seed grants offered by TPP are truly amazing. The entire team at TPP is very humble, inspiring, and encouraging....They help you expand your impact-oriented work within their networks through their social media pages, mini-blogs, websites, and other sources.

Dorcas Apoore, ASIGE Women’s Basket Project, Ghana

For us, TPP is a game changer. Future grantees should work diligently with TPP and the results will be memorable. We are on the international stage because TPP believed in our our vision. Apply to TPP and they will be there to train and support and promote your work... It is such a joy to be in the TPP family.

Sylvia Hoerenberg, A New Home For Insured Pigeons, Germany

You made it all so easy for us! The process, the support, the love, the grant you provided meant the world to us! We would encourage everyone to apply, to give it a shot in continuing to make this world a better place for a lot of sentient beings out there. Everyone can do their part. It might only be small steps, but summed up, it makes a huge difference! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Alyeriz Arauz, Reforestation In Corozo, Nicaragua

The Pollination Project grant gave me confidence and helped me believe in our work...I feel the formal grant helped our small community engage and support the reforestation activities, especially since there are organizations outside of Nicaragua supporting sustainability in our community. The Pollination Project was a gift in that it pushed me to be a leader in my community. I believe I can train others to continue promoting reforestation projects that have a positive impact on their community. I also learned an important lesson: I can help others be agents of change. The work funded by this grant allowed me to escalate my [...]

Madeleine Bair, El Tímpano, Oakland, USA

The TPP seed grant has allowed us to create a full-fledged website--one that tells the story of El Tímpano, including our mission and team...As a new non-profit initiative, it is critical to have an online presence so that potential partners, volunteers, funders, or others can have a good understanding of our mission and our people...We expect it to be an immense help as we apply for further funding, develop new partnerships, launch a new pilot project, and seek private donations to support our work.

Kenne Kuete Virginie, Livelihood Support And Empowerment Of Marginalised Widows In Belo-Kom, Cameroon

The Pollination Project is the best partner every individual with an impact driven project needs to realize their dreams. Their grant process is very empowering and inspiring. They follow up with their applicants at the beginning of the application stage before they award grants, which very few funders do. After they receive the seed grant award, grantees are provided with the opportunity to network with their fellow grantees around the world. You will be promoted on other social media platforms and in blog posts, an opportunity most of us grantees would never have without TPP

Mukasa Nassar, Ugapads: Reusable Sanitary Pads Project, Uganda

TPP is such an amazing partner who believes in change makers, regardless of their status. I wholeheartedly recommend all future grantees with a passion for making a difference in the world apply for a TPP grant. When it comes to implementing the project, TPP provides grantees with ample time to execute the project and to report back at end.

Dr. Joan Kanja, Solar Radios For Educating Marginalized Communities, Kenya

If you have a project in mind that can create positive change in the world, however small, do not hesitate to send your application to The Pollination Project. Rome was not built in a day, and every penny counts towards achieving the big picture at the end. Without this grant, we could not have made the progress we have made this year, and we are very appreciative. . . The entire process equips one with transferable skills on how to apply for grants, implement a project, manage budgets and proper reporting. Apply today and you will never regret that decision

Jasmine Saavedra, Regenerative Design For Change Makers, Oakland, CA, USA

The grant allowed us to do our pilot training in Oakland, with some of the Bay Area's leading change makers. This pilot allowed us to test our methodology and receive much needed feedback to finesse our offering before bringing it on the national Change Makers Tour this past fall...Thank you SO much for giving us the little financial push we needed to get this project off the ground! We are eternally grateful!

Dr. Christi-Nevada Winrow, STREAMS, Baltimore, MD, USA

This grant provided the spark we needed to not only support our pilot programs but also provide a means to obtain additional funding...We were better able to serve the community with the resources and expose them to activities that integrated STEM with the outdoors. Research has shown that African American communities spend significantly less time engaged in the outdoors and thus, are less likely to engage in conservation. The resources provided by the grant provided opportunities for our participants to experience the outdoors and engage in environmental conservation.

Magdaline Chepkemoi, Digital Literacy for Rural Youth in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

The Pollination Project grant has enabled me to network with fellow grantees. When I traveled to Chicago for the Mandela Fellowship, I met a TPP grantee and we connected so much. It not only provides you with funds but also links you to the entire network. Once you receive the grant they add you to the Facebook group where you meet with other grantees across the world. I managed to connect with Adereine from Nigeria who recommended and introduced me to D-prize just by being a TPP grantee. I have also amazing local networks with other grantees who on several occasions supported my [...]

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