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How Does $1000 Make a Difference?

Ask Our Grantees!

Our grantees share how their Pollination Project seed grant helped them build and expand their startup projects.

Angelica Jackson-Thomas, Journey Beyond, Maryland, USA

The Pollination Project is so aptly named; as it has germinated our organization because of what we were able to accomplish through the grant. We have attracted support through a Board of Directors, executive volunteer leadership team, and city and community partnerships who all believe in Journey Beyond's mission to eliminate generational [...]

Crista Valentino , CoalitionWILD, Jackson, WY, USA

A grant from TPP allowed us the support we needed to hire a web developer to design a new site that fit our needs...The application process was straightforward, and I appreciated that aspect since often times a lot of effort and energy is put into long and arduous grant applications, which takes [...]

Teodora Stoyanova, Kashalot – Living Reads, Varna, Bulgaria

The TPP grant gave us the boost (not only financial but creative as well) to start the project. Having TPP believe in us gave us confidence and reassurance that we are on the right path and our idea is not just a good idea, but has the potential to become a sustainable [...]

Emmanuel Kpon Saye, Support Rehabilitation Project, Nimba, Liberia

The TPP seed grant was the first grant we received....Therefore, TPP has become of our community work...The grant has built a well cemented link between the disabled community in Nimba, Liberia and our organization. The work we accomplished has created local and national recognition and TPP has been a solid reference [...]

Walteria Caldwell, Diversitá Opera Arts Company, Dallas, TX, USA

I would like to thank The Pollination Project for creating such a wonderful funding organization that helps small companies like ours thrive in the community. Without your help...hundreds of people that we served over the year's time would not have received the opportunities to perform in front of an audience, nor would [...]

Mimi Aboubaker, TUSA, Minneapolis, USA

The TPP seed grant was instrumental in getting TUSA off the ground – it provided the organization with the capital needed to complete the initial steps of launching a venture and got us to a place where we could successfully seek outside capital. Without the TPP grant, we would have been unsuccessful [...]

Michelle Carrera, Chili On Wheels, Brooklyn, NY, USA

The Pollination Project is amazing, and the people that work and volunteer there are as well. I didn't even apply for this particular grant, it was granted to me on behalf of folks who work there who were inspired by my work. You have no idea how much that means to me- [...]

Delphine Azo Cha Leke, Coping With Disabilities, Cameroon

One reason why persons living with disabilities have often remained voiceless is because they shy away from the public and do not interact. Bringing them to workshops where they get experts to educate them on the need to express themselves has gone a long way in boosting their confidence. Such networking would [...]

Wonnie Derondo, Kiddiepreneur, Volta Region, Ghana

The social challenges across the world are huge, but funding is extremely hard to come by. Even when funds are available, the criteria are simply not friendly to a newbie organization. With this said, however, there is a trusted friend in the Pollination Project, which makes funding available to kick start projects [...]

Jada Imani, Tatu Vision, San Francisco, CA, USA

Tatu Vision has expanded tremendously since receiving the Pollination Project grant. Our team of volunteers has more than tripled and we've continued to expand our community events with a stronger team. It gives me greater confidence in the foundation of Tatu to have funds. I've also been able to expand my vision [...]

Jingo Joseph Nkumbi, CARDI, Uganda

The work funded by TPP has helped to build our confidence better and to improve training services to the community. This grant has instilled hope and confidence in me and my team now that our work is recognized and appreciated by the world of development partners and donors. We promise ourselves, our [...]

Danielle De La Fuente, The Amal Alliance Inc, Athens, Greece

The TPP seed grant was instrumental in allowing us to kickstart our pilot program, and allowed us to lay the foundation for a model that can easily be replicated in various countries. While we had raised money through crowdfunding, fundraisers, and donations, we were still short on funds to start our first [...]