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How Does $1000 Make a Difference?

Ask Our Grantees!

Our grantees share how their Pollination Project seed grant helped them build and expand their startup projects.

Chijike Ndukwu, Rural Grain Storage Project, Nigeria

We believe that our lives cannot be complete no matter how successful we are, if many people around us or we know, are in poverty, pain, and despair. We believe that our world will be a better place, if, everyone would have the opportunity to reach their social and economic destinies. This can be achieved if everyone who knows can teach someone who knows not; and people who have anything at all - food, clothing, housing, tools, technology name it, can make it available to those who have not so that they too can reach the expectations of their lives. In this project, we put hope in the thoughts, smiles on the faces and one of the best technologies in maize storage in the hands of poor women in a remote part of the world. Our faces lit up as the faces of the poor women lit up with smiles of hope. It brought tears of joy in our eyes and we cannot but be happy that we could make them believe that next farming season will change part of their lives.

Olaoluwa Abagun, The Girls’ Podium, Nigeria

The seed grant has made a whole lot of difference in my personal motivation to empower girls, as well as my team's dedication to making a difference. I felt a huge sense of validation after receiving the seed grant. From my local community, I could see and hear TPP cheering us on and encouraging us to amplify our impact with The Girls' Podium Project! It felt rewarding to know that TPP was holding my hand at a crucial stage of my leadership journey, by believing and investing in the potentials of adolescent girls in my community. I am full of gratitude to The Pollination Project for giving my ideas wings to fly and limitless skies to soar. Thank you for investing in Nigerian adolescent girls!

Charles Orgbon, Greening Forward, The Bronx, NY

Greening Forward funds and trains young people around environmental issues. With the support of The Pollination Project, we were able to re-design and re-print our curriculum resources that help teach young people about environmental leadership skills such as grantwriting, grassroots outreach, volunteer management, and more. Students often ask, “Where do I start?” when it comes to environmental change-making. Our youth-developed, youth inspired resources provide concrete ideas for young people to take their passion for environmental issues and create meaningful action. With the grant from TPP, we were able to share these resources with many students in the United States, as well as translate them into Spanish and share them to students in Chile.

Jane Wafula, Splendid Generation Talent & Mentor-ship Program, Kenya

Thank you for being there. I am motivated to put more energy in my project and be the change I want to see in my community. Personally, I am very interested in building stronger relationship with the Pollination Project offering my skills and talents whenever required in mentoring other grantees or supporting the Pollination Project achieve its goals in whatever capacity that am called upon.

Nicole Javorsky, Cubs for Coping, Queens, New York

The TPP Impact Grant has made a huge difference for Cubs for Coping by helping us reach more people and donate more handmade bears for people in need. Without the grant, we also wouldn’t have been able to afford incorporating in New York and getting 501c3 status from the IRS. Having 501c3 status will allow us to collect our own tax deductible donations putting us in direct contact with donors unlike our fiscal sponsorship agreement.

Purity Wanjohi, Mazingira Safi Initiative: Community Based Litter Management System, Nairobi, Kenya

On a personal level, it has given me more reasons to dream and has made me have hope in humanity. The fact that TPP donors decided to fund our work remains very humbling. Lack of funds does stifle many people's dreams and to have total strangers on the other side of the world, of a different timezone fund my dream has made me see that there are good people in this world and if I ask, I will get whatever I need to make my dream come true. I am really grateful for your support. We have come a long way because of TPP. Whatever happens, don't stop doing this because you didn't buy MSI tools, you breathed hope into a dream.

Jean Paul Ambeazieh, Economic Empowerment of Single Mums and Widows Through Sustainable Integrated Farming, Cameroon

The grant has increased our level of commitment and responsibility. We have been more committed to our dream thanks to the facilitation of the grant, and we were more responsible ensuring what we had approved was implemented for the benefit of our target population. This grant also improved on our team and communal spirit. I was more able to manage the team of volunteers and the group of women and the community at large throughout the project cycle ensuring cohesion. Through this project, we sowed seeds of hope for economic and sustainable empowerment and gave more hope to the women and the community so that they can now see need in embracing and taking agriculture as business.

Rosalind “Pozzie” Lott, The HeartBeat Music & Education Institute, Los Angeles, California USA

We started this journey using our own personal savings and a vision. Change makers like The Pollination Project made a way for this vision and our workshops to have a huge impact on the youth in the greater Los Angeles area. I would like to simply thank The Pollination Project for all of the extraordinary help and assistance you'd given not only to me, but to ALL grantees. Without your love & support, organizations like mine would not be able to operate and strive towards greater global change. With hundreds of new digital plugins to teach and play with, the TPP seed grant allowed us to host a more cutting edge electronic studio training program that we could now travel with and go directly into community centers and local schools in our requested locations.

Janine Roberts, Ukama Community Foundation NPC, South Africa

The TPP grant has made a HUGE difference in running our project. We have been so blessed to be able to ensure that we have not run out of food at all in the year and additionally managed to buy extra catering equipment. The support of the social media that TPP has given us has also ensured we created awareness around the plight of the extensive poverty in South Africa. We are most grateful for this support, both monetary and online.

Elizabeth Roesler, The Heart of Lubbock Community Garden, Texas, USA

The Seed grant has empowered us to amplify our outreach efforts by providing a more aesthetically pleasing and functional garden. In order to sustain the future of our organization and create deeper roots with the city and community, we needed additional infrastructure and tools. Prior to receiving this grant, we did not have the financial resources to improve the functionality of the garden

Jamie Boban and Dana Overman, Kaga: create, South Dakota, USA

This grant was truly the "boost" or "spark" that our organization needed! Building trust within the Native American community is incredibly important. The Pollination Project provided so much more than just creative/artistic supplies for Native American Youth; you provided an opportunity for us to be effective and thereby gain trust within the community we serve, enabling us to continue on in our mission

Kathleen Kane, Compassionate Connections: The Intersectional Feminists for Animals, California, USA

The grant made a difference to myself and the others in the collective because we wouldn't have been able to have a kind of a jumping off point from which to begin our collective. It is also amazing to know that there are organizations out there like The Pollination Project which will not only support groups and projects that want to make change, but who also are concerned about people, animals, and the environment alike. As a group that is pro-intersectional, it is refreshing and a relief to come across a foundation like yours.

Jennilie Brewster, True Feelings, New York, USA

The Pollination Seed Grant made a huge difference to me on a personal level. When I received the grant I had just initiated a writing workshop, at Coler Specialty Hospital, for a group of residents who rarely attend the facility's enrichment activities. Most of the residents I was trying to reach spent most of their time alone in their rooms watching TV or outside the hospital getting high. For the first three months, I ran the workshop and sometimes had only one participant. It's likely that I would've given up if I hadn't received the support from the Pollination Project, which boosted my spirits and allowed me to bring in inspiring guests speakers.