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How Does $1000 Make a Difference?

Ask Our Grantees!

Our grantees share how their Pollination Project seed grant helped them build and expand their startup projects.

Nikhil Sharma, FLASTEM, Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

The grant from the Pollination Project was the most influential contribution to the non-profit work that I have been doing in the Pinellas County. I was able to significantly improve the offerings by organizing a county-wide hackathon event for the middle-school students in early 2017. The inaugural HackPCS 2017 was hosted by [...]

Myra Bresnahan,The Shade Tree Project, Mozambique

The TPP grant provided the needed seed money which allowed me to build a strong base for the educational components of our project...Because of TPP support, I was able to work with designers to produce visually stimulating materials increasing the impact of our education and advocacy programs. I appreciate the support of [...]

Kieshaun White, The K.W. Cleaner Skies Experiment, Fresno, CA, USA

Yes, because of this grant i was able to get materials i couldn't afford and show people the need in our city to take pollution seriously. Just being able to say that i received the grant has gotten me national attention and i submitted my findings to the American Public Health Association [...]

Solange Impanoyimana, Her Voice Matters, Kigali, Rwanda

We would like to thank The Pollination Project for their generous support. Without this grant, we could not have implemented our pilot project successfully. Providing teacher training was the first step in ensuring our program is effective and sustainable, and our teachers have proven their dedication, enthusiasm and capacity for learning from [...]

Erin Stone, NursingWise, Lewistone, ME, USA

I am forever grateful for your belief in my ideas. I know that with my NP and your initial grant my non-profit will be a huge success and I will make a difference in hundreds of individuals in their end of life care. Thank you!

Mary Asiko, Kisumu Talent Club Project, Kisumu, Kenya

Pollination grant has been the light at the end of my tunnel. It has opened doors i never thought would open in my lifetime. After struggling alone for over 10 years, the grant has given me and my group identity.. This grant has been a key to opening all the doors of [...]

Thomas Gasser, The Uprising, Florence, Italy

The TPP grant made a difference in our work because we did not feel alone any more. Someone recognized the same need as we did. We felt heard and acknowledged. This gave us the confidence that there are more people out there that see the need for this work, and it gave [...]

Jeff Kirschner, Litterati, Oakland, CA, USA

It was more than just the money. This was a vote of confidence. A belief that Litterati was an idea that mattered. And in those early days, when things are murky, and the path forward is murky at best, knowing someone has your back can be the difference between quitting and continuing. [...]