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How Does $1000 Make a Difference?

Ask Our Grantees!

Our grantees share how their Pollination Project seed grant helped them build and expand their startup projects.

Dr. Joan Kanja, Solar Radios For Educating Marginalized Communities, Kenya

If you have a project in mind that can create positive change in the world, however small, do not hesitate to send your application to The Pollination Project. Rome was not built in a day, and every penny counts towards achieving the big picture at the end. Without this grant, we could not have made the progress we have made this year, and we are very appreciative. The best thing about this grant is that it is open all year round, so you do not have to struggle with deadlines during the application process. The entire process equips one with transferable skills on [...]

Jasmine Saavedra, Regenerative Design For Change Makers, Oakland, CA, USA

The grant allowed us to do our pilot training in Oakland, with some of the Bay Area's leading change makers. This pilot allowed us to test our methodology and receive much needed feedback to finesse our offering before bringing it on the national Change Makers Tour this past fall...Thank you SO much for giving us the little financial push we needed to get this project off the ground! We are eternally grateful!

Dr. Christi-Nevada Winrow, STREAMS, Baltimore, MD, USA

This grant provided the spark we needed to not only support our pilot programs but also provide a means to obtain additional funding...We were better able to serve the community with the resources and expose them to activities that integrated STEM with the outdoors. Research has shown that African American communities spend significantly less time engaged in the outdoors and thus, are less likely to engage in conservation. The resources provided by the grant provided opportunities for our participants to experience the outdoors and engage in environmental conservation.

Magdaline Chepkemoi, Digital Literacy for Rural Youth in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

The Pollination Project grant has enabled me to network with fellow grantees. When I traveled to Chicago for the Mandela Fellowship, I met a TPP grantee and we connected so much. It not only provides you with funds but also links you to the entire network. Once you receive the grant they add you to the Facebook group where you meet with other grantees across the world. I managed to connect with Adereine from Nigeria who recommended and introduced me to D-prize just by being a TPP grantee. I have also amazing local networks with other grantees who on several occasions supported my [...]

Gulcan Yayla, Kodluyoruz, Turkey

The grant allowed us to reach more participants and rethink our training model. Therefore we can say that the Pollination Project helped Kodluyoruz take off as a fully developed project. The application process was carried out without any complications, which is a plus for a new institution. The Pollination Project team was there to help us if we had any questions, and we would like to thank the team for their efforts.

Maureen Ochieng, Inuka Na Gunia Farming Project, Matungu, Kenya

TPP is a great organization that is willing to support small projects like ours. We are in a rural area and we are not on the internet...Some of us are not computer literate...all we have is a dream that one day we shall achieve our desired goals and help end world hunger in any small way that we can.

Oladapo Okunade Olanrewaju, Hand-Pump-Well-Water-System, Ilado, Nigeria

The seed grant made a great difference to me and to those who benefitted from the project. The villagers' lives have changed now that they have access to water. I used to travel with water when going on medical missions to these villages, however, with the help of the seed grant, this stopped since they now have consumable water in the village...The hand pump well water system has greatly reduced the infant mortality death rate and there has been no record of maternity death in this community ever since the installation.

Aria Sa’id, Kween Culture Initiative, San Francisco, CA, USA

The grant was our first acknowledgement from an institution, which is important for public service projects...The grant, to be completely honest, gave me a reinvigoration of hope in this effort when I had sort of lost it. Being a transgender woman anywhere in the world is a pretty difficult journey. Having ideas and perseverance to do them when institutions with resources don’t take your efforts seriously- as a Black trans woman- can make you want to throw in the towel. At times, I asked myself, 'Why am I committed to this? I have a job, so why am I taking on additional work [...]

Tah Kennette Konsum, Oku Children’s Education And Welfare Empowerment Center, Oku, Cameroon

Through The Pollination Project grant, we developed new social impact seeds to plant for the future of our community. The grant has made an impact on our community leadership and enabled us to build a network of trust, which we intend to develop even further for organizational development. The funding has also inspired a can-do attitude among the members of the project team.

Ijeoma Ugwudi, Diabetes Self-Care Education Project In Nnorie, Nigeria

The Seed Grant from the Pollination Project was officially the first international grant that Be-In-Health Foundation received and it went a long way in giving shape to our work, a face to our name (Be-In-Health Foundation) and what we do. We are better structured and have a better focus and idea on how to achieve our project goals. We have also been able to get on the media to talk about our work.

Aisha Flores, Buttercup STEAM Camp, Atlanta, GA, USA

The grant allowed us to integrate into the STEM community and work with more children by bringing increased awareness about our program. We have been a bit overwhelmed with the requests for our program. We definitely can say we have had a successful year and this increased awareness has put us into a position of reevaluating our capacity...I want to thank The Pollination Project for funding Buttercup STEAM. This program was and is from the heart. The grant gave us the confidence to keep moving towards our goals and extend ourselves. We appreciate the support, funding and sense of community we have received [...]

Clare Hanrahan, Elder & Sage Community Gardens, North Carolina, USA

The TPP seed grant was awarded at the very early stages of our development of the gardens when we had no funds to begin with...Thank you. Your grant was timely and made all the difference in enabling us to get started. Seeing what we have been able to accomplish with so little has leveraged some support from the city and some support from the community garden network.

Aikande Robert Nkya, Rise Up Girl And Make Up Your Dreams, Tanzania

I am thankful and super proud to be a grantee of the Pollination Project. You have saved the souls of our girls, as well as our young men and women in Kilimanjaro and most of the communities. We are now transitioning from a project to an organization, and we will always speak up about how much the Pollination Project has helped us.

Luke Ellison – You’re Hired

The main thing this grant did for us besides fund items and materials which help us in our work, is to give us experience on how to apply to a grant, deal with the expectations of receiving grant funding, and be responsible with things like budget amendments and report writing. Learning that process in relationship with a Foundation which is used to dealing with smaller, more grassroots organizations, sets us up for success when we apply to larger grants with more expectations and less leniency for mistakes. . . . after we received the TPP grant we received a much larger grant from [...]

Brandon Crawford, Youth Power Hour, Los Angeles, USA

Receiving the TPP seed grant has been a phenomenal experience . . . Receiving the grant gave me the self confidence to speak more about my work to others. Receiving it made me feel credible, and added more respect to my program in the community.

Tisha Marina-Bernard, I Choose Peace, Los Angeles, USA

The Pollination Project grant has allowed my vision to bring resources to youth and families dealing with bullying and mistreatment to life. The TPP grant encouraged me to see that other people believed in my dream as well and that I was on the right path. It gave me the boost and drive to follow the passion in my heart to bring life changing and life saving tools and techniques to youth and families....Through the publicity of having I Choose Peace represented on the Pollination Project website, we had The Hug Alliance reach out to us for collaboration projects with the goal to [...]

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