The Greatest Gift

by | Nov 18, 2021 | ShiftHappens

The highest expression of humanity is the spirit of serving others.

In my humble opinion, our existence is inseparable from the concept of service. Everyone is serving someone or something – a nation, cause, family, one’s self.

Service that is directed inwards; seeks to take from the world in order to feed oneself. However, when service is directed outward it brings out the best in us recognizing that we are already full.

When recognizing the innate value of being we begin to think of others. It’s only when we feel a lack of self value that we think about ourselves. Service is both the cause and the expression of healthy, balanced self worth.

In taking we become limited – you can only eat so much, spend so much, so on and so forth. The capacity of the human heart, in contrast, is limitless and when it moves us to serve others we in turn become unlimited.

It can be easy to serve others when life is going your way. However, it is in times of crisis, difficulty and emergency that our real character is shown. During the last two years amidst a global pandemic the changemakers that The Pollination Project supports were ready to put the needs of others first, and their own needs second. From providing much needed food relief, critical health interventions, and community resilience and recovery efforts

You can express your humanity fully when you come to realize that the greatest gift in life is found not in receiving, but in giving. The beauty of life is that we all have something to give.

Please join us in giving to those who are #preparedtoserve by contributing here.