Sharing is Caring

by | Nov 24, 2021 | ShiftHappens

“Sharing is caring” is a common phrase, yet it carries a rather uncommon meaning. A meaning that is powerful and extremely important for us to understand.

To truly express the deepest caring, one must express it through the act of sharing. To share means to give something of one’s self to another – it’s an act of sacrifice – an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy. 

Now, from the logical thought process, it can appear that if you give something, you have less. That is the simple math. 

But the secrets of life are not so simplistic. If we pay attention we will find that life is teaching us something quite different, opposite in fact. 

There is another common phrase – to give is to receive. Here we find that the act of giving, in and of itself, is its own reward. When we orient ourselves away from trying to take and toward wanting to give, what is it that we receive? It is not something you can place on your mantle or shelf, it is far greater than that – you receive the gift of fullness of heart. In giving one does not become less as the simple math may make it seem, but rather you become more. When serving others we become more whole and complete.

Our community of changemakers share themselves and give wholeheartedly in service to their communities, often at times when they themselves are in need. 

Our Resilience and Recovery Fund is an expression of care for changemakers all over the world who are ready to sacrifice for the benefit of others. 

This campaign is an invitation. It’s an invitation to share your care for our global neighbors who face crisis. It’s an invitation to offer your support in recognizing the unsung heroes. And it’s an invitation to experience the fullness of heart one receives when one is willing to give. 

Please join us in sharing with those who are #preparedtoserve by contributing here.