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Melanie Faranello – Poetry on the Streets

Poetry on the Streets is an interactive exhibit created by Melanie Faranello, designed to engage pedestrians in writing and painting an original poem based on a word chosen from a "jar of emotions". Set-up in various public locations around Hartford, Connecticut such as parks, street corners, and bus stops, Poetry [...]

What is Your Unique Contribution to the World?

Though we are bound together by our shared humanity, each of us see the world from a unique perspective that is shaped by our experience– we feel joy for different reasons, we live through different challenges, and, in turn, we dream of changing the world in different ways and [...]

La-Ty Banks, Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop

There are thousands of youth in Los Angeles County who are at risk due to poverty, broken homes and abuse. They are often pushed into the system or out into the streets. Writing and music are excellent vehicles for reaching youth, particularly those from underprivileged families. Having grown up a “ward" of [...]

Rhonda Reese, ART.Mobile

Rhonda is a mother of 5 children, a visual artist, teacher, photographer, and community activist in Columbus, Ohio. During her time as an art instructor with youth and families of the City of Columbus' recreation and parks department, Rhonda had up close and personal view of the need for art [...]