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Resources, Information, and Opportunities for Collaboration to Increase Your Impact

TPP works with more than 3000 changemakers around the world, each of whom has a unique approach to creating change. We recognize that there is immense value in these approaches and believe that we each have the opportunity to learn from and support each other to increase our collective impact.

This page contains information and materials created by or shared with us by TPP grantees who are working to address COVID-19 in their communities. There are also links to groups who would welcome opportunities to collaborate if your work overlaps with theirs. Please do read through these resources before applying as they may support your own work in ways that change your proposal to TPP.

Important information about antibacterial hand soap and wash projects

Based on FDA and CDC guidance, antibacterial and antimicrobial hand soaps are no more effective for handwashing than soaps which do not contain antibacterial agents. In fact, the FDA and CDC recommend the use of regular soaps rather than antibacterial soaps for handwashing.

Though we recognize that only antimicrobial or antibacterial soaps may be available to you, and are able to fund purchase of these soaps if that is the case, we recommend that where possible you use regular soaps to reduce cost and increase accessibility.

We are able to fund the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers, which form an acceptable alternative to handwashing with soap where that is not possible.

Please review the following links for more information:

Downloadable World Health Organization COVID-19 infographics in 60+ languages

TPP Grantee Slum and Rural Health Initiative Africa translated these downloadable WHO infographics into over 60 languages for use by anyone who wishes.

You may access and use these resources at this link:

Downloadable material for addressing COVID-19 with children in 30+ languages

Created in response to a survey that was sent in 5 languages to more than 1700 people, this story addresses common themes that young people are facing in an accessible way. The book is available in more than 20 languages at the link below as a free PDF download.

Resources for groups working to provide food in India

Since 2015, TPP has worked with grantee No Food Waste (NFW). Originally formed in Coimbatore to distribute excess food from weddings and other celebrations, NFW now has chapters in 3 states. They are currently working with local governments to provide food to tens of thousands of people a day in India.

If your project involves providing meals or food packets to vulnerable communities in India, then we encourage you to see if there is a NFW chapter in your city and to contact them using the information below. Together you may be able to access cheaper supplies of food, partner in distribution of resources, or find other ways to boost your impact.

If you have spoken to NFW before applying, please do indicate this in your proposal to TPP.

No Food Waste Chapter Coordinator Contact information:

Chennai: Arun – 8056142349
Coimbatore Hotline (applies across India) – 9087790877
Dharmapuri: Gokul – 7598271977, 8344964868
Erode: Pradeep – 9994391943
Salem: Bharani – 9171906687
Tiruppur: Rahul – 9944138738 & Gokul – 9944033777
Trichy: Mohan – 9994434543