The Resilience & Recovery Fund
Emergency Grant

Many times throughout our organization’s history, we have seen leaders redirect or adapt their work to respond to an emergency in their respective community. Through natural disasters, civil unrest, and public health crises, we have seen many examples of ways in which bottom-up responses unfold more quickly, demonstrate greater flexibility, and illustrate intimate knowledge of the specific needs of complex and diverse communities. We created the Resilience & Recovery Fund (RRF) Emergency Grant to fund these community responses to crises.

Is the RRF Grant the right fit for your project?

The Resilience & Recovery Fund (RRF) Grant exists to support projects designed by volunteers in the immediate aftermath of emergencies such as natural disaster, civil unrest, pandemic, or other unforeseen events. The RRF Grant provides expeditious, one-time funding of up to $1,000 to projects responding to an emergency.

The criteria for what constitutes an emergency includes the following considerations:

  • Emergent – the project is reacting to a recent humanitarian or environmental crisis that poses immediate risk; 
  • Urgent – if the project is not funded quickly, the work will be significantly less impactful; 
  • Unforeseen – the situation the project is responding to is unexpected and a distinct deviation from the impacted community’s baseline wellbeing.
Relaxing in Thogoto Forest
Wairimu Mwangi
R. Senthamarai
R. Senthamarai

If this criteria does not fit your project, consider applying for our regular Daily Grant program instead.

RRF grants differ from our Daily Grant in the following ways:

  • Funding decisions are made by our internal staff team rather than our grant advisors to allow us to fund these time-sensitive requests as quickly as possible; 
  • There is not an expectation of long-term sustainability after the project has been completed; 
  • Recognizing the short-term nature of these projects, the reporting timeline is significantly shorter than what we request in our Daily Grant program; 
  • Unlike in the Daily Grant program, previous TPP grant recipients are eligible to apply for funding. 

RRF grants can be used for a wide variety of project costs. Our model hopes to encourage creative responses and strives to be non-prescriptive. However, there are a few types of expenses that we are unable to support; they include: 

  • Personal emergencies, such as individual medical or legal expenses; 
  • Any project that directly or indirectly uses animal products; 
  • Organizations that have paid staff or an annual budget of over $50,000;
  • Projects that distribute prescription medicines;
  • Projects that discriminate in any way.

Think the Resilience & Recovery Fund Grant is the right fit for your project?

Not responding to an emergency but still have a great idea for a project?

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