Kuza SME – Sustainable Community Enterprise Development Project


Sustainable Community Enterprise Development Project was founded by Kuza SME in Mombasa, Kenya. The project aims to empower three voluntary young enterprise developers (YED) so that they can help five emerging entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to be able to sustainably manage their enterprises. They will center on training, mentorship, [...]

Keshy Jeong, Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective – Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective


The Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective (LAWFC) is a small business that produces worm castings and worm tea out of local community waste for use as nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner for organizations and lay gardeners. LAWFC is cooperatively owned and collectively governed, aiming to contribute to the movement [...]

José Luis López Carlos – Brigade fighting forest fires. Defense of Nixticuil forest


We have restored areas of the Nixticuil Forest, fought more than 200 forest fires caused by those who want to destroy it, and created conservation activities to help maintain the ecological balance, preservation of biodiversity, protection of aquifers and capture of carbon dioxide with no support from the government.

Stronger to Serve – Project Becoming our Best Challenge


Pairing fitness and service, Project Becoming our Best develops strong and compassionate leaders of tomorrow. This initiative combines fun fitness challenges with meaningful volunteering experiences for children and their families. Participants learn perseverance, practicing goal selection, pursuit, and achievement. They develop empathy as they are exposed to community needs, learn [...]

LIHO Youth Organization – Fruit Tree Seedling Project


Fruit Tree Seedling Project, located in Buwenge Jinja-Uganda, is an income generating initiative that will enable Live with Hope (LIHO) Organization be able to sustain the activities of their Juvenile Justice Advocate program. Started by Richardnewton Musomerwa and Aketch Mariam, the program helps children age 12-17 years who have committed [...]

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