Caren Lanier, Project Backpack


Founder and CEO, Bertha Hammett is a firm believer that each individual must be offered a basic opportunity to realize a life of self-sufficiency, and that this should include a second chance. Bertha realized early in her career [...]

Maria Hinds, Surviving Solitary


Surviving Solitary is an exhibit that documents the personal belongings of Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 collected during his 42 years of solitary confinement in Louisiana state prisons. Led by artist Maria Hinds, the project is in [...]

Rivka Rocchio, Theatre Across Prison Walls


Prison-based theatre and arts programs have been well-documented in reducing recidivism, the incidence rate of misbehavior within correctional institutions.  Rivka Rocchio is a community-based theatre artist who has lived, taught and created art in a multitude of communities [...]

Courtney Bowles, The People’s Paper Co-op


Courtney Bowles, co-director of The People’s Paper Co-op in Philadelphia, PA, has spent years using art as a vehicle for connecting diverse and often alienated communities. Along with prior TPP grantee, Mark Strandquist, the Co-op partners with Philadelphia Lawyers for [...]

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