Initiative for Refugees with Disabilities – Sewing Project for Refugees with Disabilities


Initiative for Refugees with Disabilities (IRD) was initiated by Angelo Ebengo Muzaliwa together with refugees with disabilities (RWDs), parents/caregivers of refugee children with disabilities and some activists in the refugee community. IRD's aim is to provide a response through advocacy for human rights inclusiveness (access to education, health, employment and [...]

Le Cheile Africa, Mary and Derry – Disability Project Empower


Mary Kigo and Derry Desmond are the founders of Disability Project Empower, located in Kenya. They are also the founders of Le Cheile Africa, which aims to assist people with disabilities (PWD) in the creation and execution of their own unique products by providing entrepreneurship skills that offer them economic [...]

Noah Hastay, FIT for ALL: Fun & Inclusive Training for Individuals with Special Needs


More than 63,780,000 Americans have special needs … and whether cognitive/developmental, physiological or psychological in nature, these needs add levels of difficulty to daily life activities. Communities across the world are effected by the many secondary health conditions associated with living sedentary lifestyles that lack fitness, primarily due to barriers [...]