Humánny pokrok – A van for vegan food festivals in Slovakia


We are working towards ending the animal agriculture in order to save tens of billions of animals every year and in order to stop catastrophic climate change. Our project is promoting sustainable and compassionate diets, that don't include any animal ingredients, that have lower environmental impact and lower carbon footprint.



SÜPRMARKT makes it easy and affordable for people to eat well no matter where they live. SÜPRMARKT provides consistent access to affordable organics in weekly at cost grocery pop-ups which accept EBT. Our non-profit foundation SÜPRSEED creates engaging and culturally relevant experiences which encourage sustainable vegan living.

Kate Luke of Little Oak Sanctuary – Be The Change booklets – the sequel


Through sharing information about animals, about how they are all individuals and how they have the same capacity to suffer or experience joy or sadness as you or I, and empowering people with the information about how to make choices that are kind to animals, the planet and their health, we hope that people will align their actions with the values of non violence that most people already hold in their hearts.