Youth Projects Funded by The Pollination Project

We help fund some of the most incredible youth across the world with these amazing projects.

RESPECT Begins when the VIOLENCE Ends – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


The R.E.S.P.E.C.T. initiative is a community outreach program to combat teen violence and promote youth empowerment. The program provides underprivileged youth behavioral techniques and interventions to reduce the occurrence of violent behaviors. Through “Violence Awareness”, youth will be able to make alternative choices while living up to the program’s motto [...]

Desire Johnson-Forte – #Passport2Freedom


As young adults approach the legal age(s) that create eligibility for school, solo-traveling, working, voting, medical consent, having a valid form of government ID becomes a great need. So why not invest in a passport? #Passport2Freedom will conduct a series of workshops for Millennials and Xennials in the East Bay of Northern California.

Kirsten Chavis – GO GREEN 365 Environmental Training Program


The 'GO GREEN' Youth Earth club aims to teach youth at their school and community to “GO GREEN” through environmental education. Through this project two local Los Angeles Elementary Schools started an annual Spring ‘GO GREEN’ Resource & Recycling Earth Day Event to create awareness and advocate for environmental education.

Brenda Verano – “Buried Treasures”; Reclaiming Our Stories


The project "Buried Treasures", will provide a space for youth to reclaim their very own stories, to publish stories the world deserves to read. Lead by youth organizer Brenda Verano, participant of 2017 SOUL training and former youth facilitator in the Roots for Peace TEAM, this project welcomes youth of color residing in every corner of LA county.

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