Youth Projects Funded by The Pollination Project

We help fund some of the most incredible youth across the world with these amazing projects.

Jacqueline Arias – Jersey Art Exchange


The Jersey Art Exchange (JAX) is a contemporary arts space that provides free media, arts and tech after-school programs for teens in an underserved area of Jersey City. JAX provides a space to inspire the next generation of artists and media makers through intergenerational technology training, STEAM skills development, music [...]

MVP360’s Leadership First Academy


MVP360's Leadership First Academy is designed to educate youth about essential life skills necessary for continued success and personal advancement. Through this project, inner city kids will be provided the tools that allow them to transition to become a productive member of society without relying on a big payday in [...]

Keita Faulkner, Joseph Downey, and Brian Wadlington – Rooted from the Soul Studios


The Rooted from the Soul "Seeds of Youth project," was created by Keita Faulkner, with assistance from Joseph Downey, and artist/producer Brian Wadlington (StrangeCat RareBird).The ongoing project is dedicated to serving the underprivileged youth of Roxboro, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding communities. We present opportunities for mentorship, music [...]

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