Schools & Education Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Schools & Education project from a Pollination Project grant.

Delaney Cullen – The Little Garden that Grew



Delaney Cullen at the age of 5, thought of the idea of "The Little Garden that Grew". Now six, along with the help of her parents, John and Cathleen Cullen, founders of Life Roots, she wants to share her passions of reading and nature with others at her local library [...]

Caroline Gichuhi, Classroom Construction

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The Ark Children's home was founded by Caroline W. Gichuhi since 2008. We have been providing food, shelter and education to the orphans and vulnerable children since then. As the need grows, classrooms have been a challenge . Education is a vital tool to help us  build our communities and [...]

Lynn Douglas, The Visionary Institute Summer Camp for Girls



"The Visionary Institute Summer Camp for Girls" is a FREE week-long college access summer camp that empowers girls to set and achieve their post-secondary goals. They host two camps in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC that are geared towards rising 10th -12th grade girls as they walk through the college application [...]

Anagho Emmanuel Anyangwe, Strengthening The Capacity Of Female University Drop Outs In Yaounde Cameroon

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Strengthening The Capacity Of Female University Drop Outs In Yaounde Cameroon is an initiative of Anagho Emmanuel (organizer of Netsquared Yaoundé) in collaboration with Abel Misodi (CEO of hope foundation), and other volunteers. The project goal is to help women who have been forced to drop out of Cameroonian universities [...]

Esther Wanjiku Mwangi, Esvendo Social Inclusion

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"Esvendo Social Inclusion" project is an initiative created by Esther Mwangi. It was conceptualized after the realization that over 3 million school days are lost every month because girls don't have a proper way to handle their menstruation. The social enterprise aims to stop adolescent girls from missing school in [...]

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