Schools & Education Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Schools & Education project from a Pollination Project grant.

Crystal Martin, First 2 Finish

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Long time counselor and educator, Crystal Martin is the founder of First 2 Finish, an early college readiness program which makes investments in the academic, experiential, and social development of first generation students on the pathway to college. First 2 Finish endeavors to strengthen the social and economic fabric of [...]

David Baron, Clever Kids Foundation

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The Clever Kids Foundation is a Baltimore, MD based nonprofit whose mission is to engage and support the creativity and exploration of innovative ideas amongst elementary-aged students. Through educational workshops, public services events and mini-grant opportunities, it provides students the opportunity to enhance their creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills, while [...]

Emma Umiko Pedersen, Getting Real – Sex Ed for Youth

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Getting Real- Sex Ed for Youth is a youth-led project that includes a website and classes on topics related to sexual education. This project was started because many states don't require sexual education or if they do, they don't require the information to be correct. Emma is doing this with [...]

Xiomara Arriaran, Youth Health Action Project

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We believe that access to education, healthcare, and mental health should be a right to the public. This is why Youth Health Action Alliance (YHAA), a student-run high school union, calls attention towards increasing Sonoma County’s Human Development Index score by addressing key determinants of health affecting the teenage population. [...]

Sue Gonzalez, AkomaKids Literacy Classes for Youth in Elmina, Ghana

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When literacy specialist, Sue Gonzalez, first went to Elmina, Ghana in 2010, she met an amazing group of students who simply wanted to excel at school despite a scarcity of books and materials. She came back to her classroom in San Francisco thinking how inequitable it was that her students [...]

Caroline Njeri Kamau, Safi Paint

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Safi Paint is a local initiative geared towards educating professional painters on the correct use of water-based painting products. The program trains passionate individuals to the profession of painting and glass cutting for four weeks. It begins by taking the painters through a unit of teaching to enable them to [...]