Milena Fraccari, Website Administrator

by | Jan 15, 2005 | Staff

Milena is a communications consultant and activist from Italy. She majored in Communication and Advertising at the Turin University. She’s been working for over 15 years in Sustainable Communication in the non-profit sector, helping green companies and associations to promote their eco-friendly products and practices.

In 2000, she met the American activist Julia Butterfly Hill, and since then has worked as her Italian spokesperson and event organizer.  She has also served as the International Coordinator of What’s Your Tree, a program created by The Circle of Life Foundation inspired by the story of Julia Butterfly, and has collaborated with the Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams and her Center for Peace and Compassion in the south of Italy.

Her deep passion for Environment, People, and Communication always leads her to put her skills and her heart in service of projects and initiatives to make a positive difference in the world, and TPP is one of those projects. At TPP, Milena serves as the Website Administrator and manages grantee promotion and online communication.

Written by Milena Fraccari