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Program Overview

The specific focus of the TPP Global Kindness Grant-making Program is to invest in the larger communal and global shifts in consciousness that arise when spreading kindness is an intentional practice. These intentional acts of kindness can be turned into a movement of kindness, and that is why we started this program.  Our top Global Kindness advocates work together to collectively work on identifying, supporting, enhancing and funding kindness projects all over the world!

Leadership Team
Chris McGilvery
GK Team Leader
Greg Acuna
GK Team Member
Laura Lavigne
GK Team Member
Washington State
Liz Buechele
GK Team Member
New York
Program News

Kindness…In All Shapes and Sizes

By Greg Acuna
September, 2018

Spreading Happiness Can Save the World

By Linda Poppenheimer, Green Groundswell
October, 2017

Jahkil meets President Obama

By Robyn Shulman, Forbes
March, 2018

5 Ways to Spread the Power of HUGS

By Alex Bryant 30 Seconds
January, 2018

Grants Made

People and projects spreading lots of kindness!

Meet our Kindness Partners
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