The project leader conducting a session at a community school for adolescent girls on sexual reproductive health and menstrual hygiene.

Chimwemwe Chitambala – Embrace Her

Being a sympathetic and energetic individual, I am passionate about creating change in my community. I believe that young people can create change and be the ones to create solutions to challenges that they are facing in the community. From an early age, I had an understanding that society had positively shaped me through lessons and words of correction from elders and other knowledgable people. Thus, I always dreamt of doing as impactful project that would touch lives people in society as a way of appreciating a society that took care of me. Consequently, I donated my time, strength, and skills to developmental issues at both local and international level with a sense of integrity and accountability in all my endeavors.

Embrace Her is a micro-finance project started by Chimwemwe Chitambala in Lusaka, Zambia. The project seeks to increase economic participation of young women through a system that austerely gives access to finances for business purposes with a view to providing families with an opportunity to provide an education to their children, building capacity to provide the daily basic needs at home, and encouraging young women to save and create the possibility of future investments. The operation base for this micro-finance is intentionally non-profit making with an interest rate that relates with the businesses of our clients; very affordable, lowest rate any microfinance is offering, and is purely for administrative cost.

This project is designed for small scale businesses that particularly run to meet the basic daily needs of an ordinary Zambian and can consistently generate money and offer the ability to repay the loan, and make funds available for saving on a weekly basis without making clients feel bothered or thrown off balance. The specific businesses engaged involve the selling of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and other food products that are widely consumed as part of the main meal or staple food in Zambia. I focused my energy on a micro-finance project because a lot of women run small business with little or no expansion due to lack of funds as banks and other financial institutions use complex systems which are too cumbersome.