Victor Sjodin

by | Feb 15, 2003 | Grant Advisors

TPP Grant Recipient

Victor Sjodin was raised in the New York area, and got his start as a community organizer in Philadelphia, working campaigns such as: Book through Bars, Critical Mass bike rides, and Food Not Bombs; fundraising for political prisoners; Humane League’s foie gras ban (in which 52 out of 56 restaurants dropped foie gras); protests against the notorious animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences; and participating in the direct rescue or adoption of several hundred dogs, cats, laboratory rats, chickens, a pig and even a few humans.

For the last four years, Victor has dedicated his time to touring North America, visiting over 500 colleges and universities to promote an ethical vegan diet and lifestyle giving talks and handing out over 700,000 informative booklets to students. He has spent three summers on the annual Warped Tour, educating concertgoers on the horrors of factory farms, and helped coordinate state-based ballot initiatives. In 2011 he joined the national nonprofit Mercy For Animals for a 42-city, 12,000-mile, three-month tour on a specially outfitted video truck showing the documentary “Farm to Fridge” to the public. While on the road he has met and talked to millions, listening to their struggles and connecting the dots of economic injustice, racism, false values and media manipulation.

“We must change direction and walk out of the Saharan desert of materialism, ego, and base entertainment to realize our true purpose: the freedom of all. To this end the awake and courageous must rebel against the lies and propaganda of our government, media, education, and churches. Light must conquer dark, progress must triumph over stupidity, universal solidarity must triumph over greed,” explains Victor.