The Bree and Me Project: Camille Licate

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Changemaker Of The Week

“Bree is a rooster, but he is an intelligent, feeling Being that craves love and peace, just like all of us. Most children grow up loving animals. My hope is that by meeting Bree and learning more about compassionate food systems, children can learn to reflect their love of animals in their life choices.” 

One day, the shelter wildlife rehabilitation center where Camille Licate worked took in a baby chick that was found wandering the streets of New York City. Camille kept the chick at her desk all day, and on a whim offered to take the little ball of fluff, who she named “Bree”, home. Improbably, they formed an inseparable bond that inspired Camille to share the sentience, heart, and value of non-human life with others. 

The Pollination Project partnered with Camille to bring her vision for “Bree & Me” to life. The “Bree & Me Project” teaches kids to take positive action for animals and the environment through education programs and promoting compassionate lifestyle choices, with an emphasis on veganism. Bree is the project’s ambassador. In towns with little exposure to humane education, Camille and Bree are creating resonant experiences for children that will result in a kinder, more compassionate world. To date, they have reached over 5,000 kids! 

Bree’s Message:  Bree Kind to Yourself.  Bree Kind to Others.  Bree Kind to All Animals.  Bree Kind to the Planet.  Breelieve in a Better World for All!

Written by Carolyn Ashworth