Spotlight on GAAP coordinator: Mohini Sharma

by | Jun 27, 2023 | ShiftHappens

At The Pollination Project (TPP), there is a remarkable group of individuals who embody the spirit of service and are committed to making a positive difference in the world. These dedicated changemakers are made up of grantees, volunteers, advisors, and others who join TPP with a deep desire to serve their communities and causes close to their heart. One such inspiring individual is Mohini Sharma, a vegan activist from Delhi, India, who has been actively raising awareness since 2016 about the suffering of animals.

Mohini’s journey with TPP began as a volunteer in 2021, and her contributions have since expanded to her serving in an advisor, evaluator, and coordinator role, where she plays a crucial part in reviewing applications, evaluating reports, and supporting grassroots farmed animal activists in Asia.

“I believe the work I do with TPP is the extension of my work as an activist as I discuss activism ideas with potential grantees, support them with all their queries and doubts, evaluate reports that make me learn new things, and assess new applications that fill my heart with hope and gratitude for all the great projects that people are working on.”

Mohini’s work at TPP has coincided with a growth in the animal rights movement in India. Over the past decade, the number of vegans and activists in the country has grown exponentially, reflecting a significant shift in consumer behavior and awareness. Additionally, large companies are now venturing into the plant-based market, highlighting the changing landscape and increased demand for ethical alternatives. Activists are working hard on awareness programs and legal enforcement projects to bring about a shift in people’s lifestyles and ensure the proper implementation of laws safeguarding farmed animals.

As part of her roles at TPP, she has connected with like-minded individuals worldwide. Attending festivals and summits, like most recently Veg Festival Indonesia, she saw firsthand the growing vegan movement across so many countries including China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia. Engaging with activists from different backgrounds and cultures offered invaluable insights into the diverse and impactful work being done in these regions. Mohini also attended the Plant-Based Summit in Delhi where she connected with new vegan companies and numerous NGOs working for farmed animals. 

“In-person conferences are of utmost importance as such events give a platform to like-minded people to come together and discuss their work and ideas that could play a pivotal role in expanding the movement.”