Simeon Oyando Ogonda

by | Feb 18, 1908 | Grant Advisors

Simeon has 9 years experience in working with NGOs and early stage start-ups. He has, in various capacities; assisted organizations develop strategic plans, marketing strategies, training manuals, and conference moderation and facilitation. His work is driven by the need for social progress of communities through the positive power of business, and has brought him into contact with various small scale businesses and grassroots organizations such as table bankers, youth organizations, and
community based organizations in rural Kenya and rural Uganda.

Simeon is the founder at Milenial Legacy lnvestments (Millennial Legacy), a consultancy firm developing the business potential of its clients through a platform business model. He is an alumnus of the American Express Leadership Academy and the Community Solutions Program, the 2016 American Express Leadership Academy Non-profit Leader of the Year, and a member of the International Economic Empowerment Panel at The Pollination Project. He is a Commonwealth
Scholar with an MA in Education and International Development at University College London, a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Political Science) with IT from Maseno University, and university credits in Transparency and Accountability from George Mason University.

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Written by Carolyn Ashworth