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Grant Reporting

The Pollination Project requires that grantees provide reporting regarding their grant. In addition to the required reporting outlined in our grant agreements and below, we also invite grantees to provide additional informal updates on projects so that we can stay in touch and learn about what is happening in the world of our grantees. We often use these ongoing updates to further promote projects on our social media and among our donor base.


We need reports for:

1) Evaluation & Learning

  • We want to evaluate your grant and understand how much of a difference a seed grant made to your work.
  • We want to know what you learned in the process and what we can learn from your experience.

2) Future funding and support

Where appropriate, we want to be able to share your work with our donors and other outside funders. The more we know about your work and your future funding needs, the more we can help introduce you to people and institutions who may be able to help you. Good reports also help us evaluate projects for second round funding through our annual Impact Grants program.

3) Legal compliance

We are required by US law to monitor grants we make, and to collect information on how our funds are being used.

Please note that the reporting process for our grants has changed for grants awarded after January 1st 2016.
To see the reporting requirements relevant to your grant, please choose from the options below.