We want your video!

We know you are working tirelessly to protect the vulnerable, show kindness, and fight the virus in your community. We want to potentially include you in a video to raise awareness about the incredible work you’re doing right now to fight COVID-19 to feature on TPP’s social media and website.

Instructions for Video:

  • Please introduce yourself and your project, and say where you are located.
  • Describe your project.
  • Why did you apply to The Pollination Project’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund?
  • Why is your project needed right now in your community?
  • How are you using the grant you received from The Pollination Project?
  • What did it mean to you to receive the funding?
  • If possible, please avoid reading pre-written answers to the camera. Try your best to speak naturally to the camera and respond to the prompts as if you were being interviewed.

Thank you for helping us spread compassion and shine a light on what you are doing.

We deeply appreciate you. Stay well and thank you for all the goodness you each bring to the world!

COVID-19 Content (COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund Grantee Video)

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  • Please be patient as your video can take 10 minutes to an hour to upload, depending on its size. Let the upload complete (The box will show COMPLETE) before clicking Submit below.

    If you are unable to use the video uploader, or if you are experiencing technical issues, please contact [email protected]

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Please make sure you follow these guidelines for submitting video content:

  • You may film yourself using a camera, phone or computer.
  • When using a phone hold it horizontally to film.
  • Center yourself in the frame and look into the camera when you speak.
  • Avoid harsh backlight.
  • Stay close enough to your device so that the audio is clear.
  • If filming outside, try to avoid wind or loud spaces, as it can affect the clarity of your audio.
  • Please do not edit your video–we want your video in its raw form.
  • Please rename your files before uploading to your project name.