Pay It Forward

Gratitude Challenge

Everyday we invest in and celebrate people all across the globe – individuals with inspiring ideas and incredible hearts – because we believe in the power of people to build a kinder, more compassionate world.

What about the people who believe in you? When was the last time you celebrated that beautiful someone who offered a kind word or a little encouragement? How often have you thought about how grateful you are for that person and then thought, “I’ll tell them later” and never said it?

Well, we’d love to invite you to share some heartfelt words and celebrate the people in your life for being the phenomenal humans they are right now! 

Join us for the Pay It Forward Gratitude Challenge.

Here’s how it works.

When you make a donation to The Pollination Project – we’ll send an eCard with a message personalized by you or a fabulous, little video created by you to the person you want to celebrate telling them just how amazing they are! We’ll even post your video on our YouTube page as we create a garden of gratitude.

With one donation – no matter how big or small – you not only celebrate your wonderful global neighbors who are making this world a better place, you celebrate a magnificent someone who has been a light in your life, someone who is doing good just by being who they are.

Friends, family, co-workers, global neighbors, let’s have fun sharing our gratitude in joyful celebration of everyone we care for, then invite them to pass it on and watch the world bloom in kindness and compassion like the most beautiful garden we’ve ever seen.

Will you join us?