Olympia Auset

by | Dec 15, 1912 | Grant Advisors

TPP Grant Recipient

Olympia Auset

Living and learning through the awakening experiences of Vippassana Meditation, Inippi ceremony, and many other transformational, synchronistic events in her journey, Olympia Auset has became steadfast in her commitment to creating infrastructure for a better earth.

Having lived in neighborhoods across Los Angeles throughout her life, she has become very familiar with the differences in creativity, potential, and happiness which accompany differing food landscapes. She knows that no collective shift can be had without engaging the least empowered people, and no empowerment is possible without access to quality food- so she has set out to create a building block for our collective upliftment with SÜPRMARKT.

SÜPRMARKT brings affordable produce to the people and places that need it most in a weekly pop-up and subscription service poised to create a culture of equal access and conscious consumerism across the board. Since starting in 2016, SÜPRMARKT has served up hundreds of cases of organic produce and has been featured by Afropunk, Blavity, LA Weekly, and Forbes. 1.3 million people living in South LA have access to just 60 grocery stores and 23.5 million Americans are food insecure. With innovation, information, and inspiration as the heart of its operations, this is the climate SÜPRMARKT is working to change.

In addition to her role as founder of SÜPRMARKT, Olympia serves on the board of her local cooperative grocery, Co-opportunity and is a member of the production team for The Shine Movement.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth