9352101878_c3fde8f3fd_b-300x199As The Pollination Project nears the end of our first year of daily grant-making, we are grateful. Since Fall, 2012, we’ve awarded nearly 350 grants to outstanding social change visionaries. We have learned about the dreams and plans of over 1,200 people who applied for grants with us this year. We forged meaningful partnerships with 60 organizations who help us identify inspiring grantees all over the world. We are watching a quiet movement of nascent social change makers take shape. It is a thing of beauty and awe.

At the same time, our friends at Go Inspire Go successfully launched their campaign to highlight 50 every day heroes in all 50 states, giving these heroes the recognition and support they need and deserve. Go Inspire Go tells stories that inspire action, and they are the perfect partner in the search for a Thanksgiving Hero.

Together, we come across so many inspiring, compassionate, and heroic people making a difference: one person at a time, one story at a time. The search for a Thanksgiving Hero is our chance to celebrate our gratitude for every person who has crossed our path in the past year!

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