Zimconserve and members of Bangira co-operative society engaging in their daily work at the gardening plot in Bangira village,Seke rural.

Zimconserve Partner Bangira Villagers – Developing a Vegetable Cooperative Society for Farmers

Developing a Vegetable Cooperative Society for Farmers is located in Seke, Bangira, Zimbabwe. Led by the Zimconserve and Bangira Co-Op Society, the goal is to grow and market a variety of vegetable species through sustainable permaculture methods, leading to nutritious meals and a revenue generation from sales.

This work is important in that it has transformed the lives of this otherwise marginalized community by helping improve individuals lifestyles for the better, uniting people together to achieve a common goal. The grant funds will enable the co-op to set up the much needed warehouse within the confines of the plot for the storage and purchase of a solar dryer that is used in drying the produce.