Yawo Agbeko Tsevi

Yawo Agbeko Tsevi, Recycling Human Waste To Improve Sanitation And Produce Food

Date grant awarded: 06/02/2017

In Togo, there is a difficult situation for water, food production and income generation in the rural areas and women are the most affected. Charité Chrétienne pour Personnes en Détresse, a non-profit organization, founded by Pastor Yawo Agbeko Tsevi, is working to improve access to clean water and safe sanitation, by adopting the ecological approach to show the links between sanitation and agriculture. The project provides women with training in urine collection, treatment and reuse to grow vegetables. With the materials given to them, women collect, store and transport the urine converted into fertilizer, while developing a demonstration field where they learn about the application of urine to fertilize crop. Crops cultivated with urine yield four to five times. With an increase in crop production, women and their familles benefit in improved food security and increased incomes.