Yang Yang Shi, Opening Doors Foundation

Yang Yang Shi moved to the US with his family when he was eight years old. They arrived with only $100 and moved into a housing project. Every day he was faced with discrimination and other financial difficulties. Currently residing in San Jose, CA, Yang Yang feels a deep personal connection with the under privileged youth in his community and created the Opening Doors Foundation to improve the lives of a largely disregarded, underprivileged population of inner city high school-aged youth.

Students attending inner city high schools are stuck in unfortunate circumstances. They suffer from a lack of financial and educational support from parents, and given the importance of high school academics as a gateway to adulthood, most students do not achieve academic success. By providing free college level tutoring both in classroom and after-school and a safe social place to study and have fun, Yang Yang is helping students realize their full potential.

First, Yang Yang and co-leaders David Hurng and Jonathan Jeng have college graduates stay in student’s classrooms throughout the day to assist them wherever needed. Secondly, the team developed after school services that blends tutoring with recreational activities. The third avenue of his program is to use the knowledge of David Hurng, the technical director, to advance their cause through a mobile application that will serve as a free collaboration tool among students.

“I wanted to work with at risk inner city high school youth in particular because it is a very critical point in a person’s life. If we can help them stay focused and work hard in school, we may be able to prevent these possible future misfortunes.” – Yangyang Shi

For more information on Opening Doors Foundation, visit their Website and visit them Facebook.

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 14, 2015