Yaminah Childress, DREAM Mentoring & Summer Camp

Yaminah Childress, JD knows firsthand what it feels like to face seemingly insurmountable odds. At the age of 18, during her final year of high-school she became pregnant with her first child, causing her to dropout. After having her daughter, she was determined to complete her education and passed her GED, later obtaining three degrees including her Juris Doctorate law degree. Inspired to help other “at risk” youth, Yaminah created the DREAM It Forward Foundation mentoring program to offer free mentoring to youth, teens and young adults in the Atlanta, Georgia, community.

The high-school dropout rate amongst teens in the Atlanta community is extremely high, and the teen pregnancy rate is one of the highest in the country. Through personal experience and research, Yaminah understands that many girls dropout of high school or suffer academically because of unplanned teen pregnancies, academic disadvantages and other social issues, including a lack of access to educational resources.

The DREAM Mentoring Program is designed to enhance personal academic and social development, promote high self-esteem, decrease literacy and strengthen college readiness for all. DREAM Mentoring runs yearlong, and includes a Summer Camp where youth and single-mothers will develop personal relationships with approved mentors. Mentors will guide them on their path to college, and promote positive mental and emotional development. Yaminah hopes to share her vision nationally.

To learn more about DREAM It Forward Foundation’s, DREAM Mentoring & Summer Camp, follow them on Twitter and visit their website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 31, 2015