Wendy Lord, Survival English Lessons

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Wendy Lord

Wendy Lord, Survival English Lessons

Wendy Lord, a Career Advisor from Presque Isle, Maine, has worked with migrant worker and immigrant communities for over ten years. With Wendy’s belief that “language is a human right”, she founded Survival English Lessons, using no-cost content provided by Fluenz. With the limited time and resources of migrant laborers, Wendy plans to distribute 500 free CD-based courses that will allow busy people to take the lessons with them to their next work site as well as share with family and friends. This no-cost, share-encouraged template will benefit not only the workers, but their families and the communities they work in.

In Wendy’s experience, she has found that migrant workers in the United States are highly motivated to learn English, however, it is very difficult for this community to obtain transportation and stay in one area long enough to finish a class. The United States Department of Education migrant programs are funded to provide English language lessons for workers under the age of twenty-two, however, the majority of workers are older than that. Wendy knows the materials will be valued, used and shared.

Funds from The Pollination Project will be used to pilot this CD-distribution program.


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