Wendy Baker, Garden to Grinds Community Outreach Project

Wendy Baker is a teacher at the Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science Public Charter School (HAAS) and the founder of Garden to Grinds, a community garden located on the school’s campus.

The Garden to Grinds program is a targeted response to the growing global need for sustainable food and health systems. In contemporary Hawaii, more than 85% of food is imported, with the average Hawaiian household spending an average of 22% of their income on unhealthy, processed food.

Since 2011, the Garden to Grinds program has been teaching HAAS students how to prepare soil, tend crops, compost, and harvest and process ingredients into delicious, nutritional recipes. Wendy aims to expand the existing garden by incorporating nearby residents and community members.  They will hold community outreach events and garden parties where community volunteers will be invited to contribute to school gardens.

“With reliable, repeated exposure to healthy, sustainable practices,” Wendy says, “the vision is to foster future generations of individuals who know healthy organic food, appreciate where it comes from, and understand how to provide food for their community.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 15, 2015