Vivian Williams- Kurutz, Finish Line: From Assessment, Analysis, Solution, to Implementation!

Harlem Wellness Center is a comprehensive center for health and wellness with attention to care for the total person and the elevation of the human spirit and potential. At the most basic level, the HWC is a community center. From a safe, positive gathering place, we provide affordable, accessible and culturally relevant programming that facilitates integration of people of diverse income, race, gender and generational status. The HWC aims to elevate human potential by first addressing the front line inhibitors of quality of life: Diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and lack of access to health education through group exercise (yoga, Zumba, Fitness), alternative healing modalities (Thai Massage, Acupuncture and Reiki) and quality fresh food (Farm Share, cooking/nutrition education). Furthermore, the HWC promotes personal transformation through meditation, mindfulness, restorative circles and self studies.
Date grant awarded: March 16, 2016