Vitalis Otieno Oguom, Kanyawegi Pamoja Project

Date grant awarded: September 10, 2016

In Kenya, a quiet community champion is tirelessly working to support the most vulnerable members of his community. In a nation where the elderly are left to fend for themselves and orphans receive little care, Vitalis Ogwom sees it as his duty to raise his voice in their service.

Vitalis currently grows organic vegetables which he distributes to community members, mediates disputes, connect people to local services authorities, and works with community school. However, when asked by East Africa Hub team member, David Omondi, who selected him to receive a flow fund grant, what his project is called, Vitalis’ answer is that he has never really thought about it because he just does the work that he loves, and is focused solely on realizing his vision of peace, justice, and togetherness in his community.

David says: “I admire the passion Vitalis has for helping his people. Even though he is not so old, everyone considers him a community elder. Whether it is reconciling couples or settling a land dispute, they respect and trust him to restore order and bring peace.”

This grant will allow him to expand his work providing food to community members, and will also assist him as he ensures that the elderly of his community are aware of and connected to government services which are often hidden from them.