Vincent Atitwa

Vincent Atitwa, Fortified Staple Flours To Fight Malnutrition Project, Impact Grant 2016

Grantee Name: Vincent Atitwa
Project Name: Fortified Staple Flours To Fight Malnutrition Project
Grant Location: Mumias, Kenya

Funding Partner: Our 2016 Crowdfunding Donors

Project Description: My project is to end chronic malnutrition in Western Kenya. In the past 3 year, I have trained 1000 families, providing them with sweet potatoes vines, amaranth grain seeds, cassava cuttings and sorghum and teaching them how to grow and propagate the crops. Some of these families are now paying it forward and providing seeds to the next groups of families.The grant will be used to purchase milling machines to mill staple flour to be fortified and distributed to malnourished families in our communities.