Vincent Atitwa, Fortified Staple Flours (2013 Impact Grant)

Vincent Atitwa, Fortified Staple Flours in Kenya

Vincent Atitwa was raised as one of 11 children of subsistence farmers in rural Western Kenya.  He faced malnutrition throughout his childhood and became determined to work on solutions. Through a government scholarship, Vincent earned a entrepreneurial certificates in business management / economics.

He notes that there are 5,000 poor children & young women in the Western parts of Kenya who do not have access to nutrient rich food.  His project involves training young farmers to grow micro-nutrient rich porridge flour, maize meal flour and other healthy grains fortified with nutrients that will be easily accessed by and affordable to rural populations.

Pollination Project funds will help them recruit more young farmers to train them, to do outreach and marketing, and to set up a demo plot for community learning.   Proceeds from the grain sales will be recycled into other projects that help children in the community.