Vanessa Fleury – Carl’s Village: After-School Tutoring and Support Services

Carl’s Village provides after school tutoring for students aged 6-15 years who are at high-risk for expulsion or dropout in the small town of Grand-Goâve, Haiti. The compounding effects of poverty and a high illiteracy rate (61%), leaves many of Grand-Goâve’s children lacking academic support. The cornerstone of the initiative is a tutoring program that provides educational support to struggling students. In addition to tutoring, children enjoy a meal from the community garden and participate in student activities, including sports, the arts, health, and youth development. As Vanessa Fleury and her team equip students with the tools and resources to graduate high school, they put fourth the possibility of higher education, preparing the bright young minds to be the generation that restores hope to and builds a stronger, more resilient Grand-Goâve.

Carl’s Village is in memory of Vanessa’s grandfather, a pillar of Grand-Goâve who passed away in 2015. He led numerous community development initiatives and working with community leaders to identify and create innovative solutions to needs. Vanessa shares that, “He inspired me to to become a fellow change maker.” This grant will support the mission of the program by providing resources to purchase essential technology resources and tools for our community garden, ensuring the students in our program are healthy and prepared to succeed academically.