After Meeting Asur women singing and dancing with banner.

Vandna Tete, Asur Adivasi Visdom Akhra – Asur Mobile Moped Radio

Asur’s Adivasi (indigenous) community has the world’s oldest wisdom and culture. They are one of the rare metallurgical Adivasi communities that work to smelting iron in the world. But today the Asur people are surrounded by mining, deforestation, displacement and external culture crisis. They are victims of development projects, mining industry and state violence. According to UNESCO, the Asur language is classified as definitely endangered. Mobile Moped Radio (MMR) is a community campaign. MMR’s primary issue is protection and popularization of the definitely endangered language of Asur.

Our goal is to make the Asur Adivasi community aware so that they can be organized for the restoration of their oral language, traditional culture, ancestral, and constitutional rights.