Ulfat Kazemi - SEHAT

Ulfat Kazemi, Ishaq Safi, Zabihullah – SEHAT

Date grant awarded: August 19, 2018

Ulfat Kazemi, Ishaq Safi, and Zabihullah are the founders of SEHAT (Supporting Education through Hygiene Assistance and Treatment), a project that repairs two orphan school latrines for 120 orphans throughout Jalalabad, Afghanistan. They provide education on portable water, environmental hygiene, personal hygiene, protected food, household hygiene, and more to reduce the rate of diseases caused by poor hygiene practices. Most of the orphanages in the country are underfunded and not managed well.

As a result, many orphan children are affected and are susceptible to illnesses and death from diseases due to inadequate sanitation. Hygiene is a critical factor for survival; therefore, the SEHAT project saves lives, promotes hygiene practices (particularly among orphan children), and most importantly reduces the mortality of children.