TPR Development Center

Turning Point Resolutions – TPR Development Center

Date grant awarded: 11/12/2017

Development worker Nyamwenge Beatrice Kimezere founded Turning Point Resolutions, a development center that equips children, youth, women, and men of Uganda with the skills to engage in livelihood activities and escape poverty. The project was started to bridge the employment gap in Uganda, a low developed country suffering from poverty as a result of unemployment and underemployment, among other challenges.

The development center helps participants identify their talents and ability to engage in livelihood activities that contribute to family incomes. Participants learn agricultural, entrepreneurial, environmental, planning and financial management, tailoring, hairdressing, baking, jewelry making, and art and crafts. In addition to these courses, the project promotes health and environmental services and provides counseling to children, youth, married couples, and HIV/AIDS affected and infected families.