Tsechu Dolma, Building Climate Change Resilience in Nepal’s Himalayas

Tsechu Dolma is the Co-founder and Strategic Director of the Yulha Fund, an initiative to strengthen Himalayan communities and mitigate the negative effects of climate change by organizing food, energy, and talent security.

Currently, Tsechu and other volunteers working with Yulha are focusing their efforts in the mountain villages of the Upper Mustang region in northwestern Nepal. In the past, the region’s rugged terrain, low-levels of precipitation, and poor soil quality has left many villages physically isolated, with poor infrastructure and an utter lack of access to state services. Such dynamics have made the region especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change and have exacerbated already existing inequities and social issues.

Through their project to Build Climate Change Resilience in Nepal’s Himalayan regions, Yulha will empower communities and their leaders by encouraging the adoption of self-sufficient, climate resiliency models. In collaboration with a local partner, they plan to build community greenhouses at local schools. The greenhouses will ultimately serve as an intergenerational platform for community learning and modern agribusiness management, while addressing malnourishment and helping locals to adapt to water resource depletion.

Additionally, any revenue generated through commercial sales of produce will be used to fund future development projects.

We are proud to announce that Tsechu has received a Youth Environmental Grant, provided through our partnership with Levi Strauss & Co.

For more information, please visit Yulha’s website.

2015 YOUTH ENVIRONMENTAL GRANT RECIPIENT in Partnership With Levi Strauss & Co.