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Trish Schappell, The Kids’ Reading Room (Spring Impact Grant 2015)

In May of 2014, educator Trish Schappell received a Pollination Project seed grant  for her program, The Kids’ Reading Room, to promote reading, literacy, and the love of books for elementary-aged children in Houston, Texas.

The Kids’ Reading Room was started because there are so many children who struggle with reading. Some of these children have parents who do not speak English and are unable to help their child learn to read in English. These children may struggle with reading in school and unless support systems are put in place, they may fall through the cracks.

The Kids’ Reading Room believes that all children should have free access to books and equal reading opportunities, regardless of economic status.

When she began, Trish created reading rooms in apartment complexes, located in areas where students may not have much access to books. The program gives children their own, personal reading rooms, complete with donated books, snacks, volunteer story tellers (volunteer, Julia Little shown in picture above) and plenty of space to read.

Since receiving TPP funding, The Kid’s Reading Room is now a 501c(3) nonprofit organization and has built three more Kid’s Reading Rooms for a total of four thus far, putting hundreds of books in the hands of kids ready to read and learn.

Trish and the Kid’s Reading Room will receive a $3,800 Impact Grant to underwrite costs for their current Reading Rooms and a fifth one, and to also support marketing and program development efforts.

For more information about The Kid’s Reading Room, visit their Facebook page or website.

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