Katie Ann Hile

Totonga Bomoi – Handcrafted to serve | Created to inspire

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Totonga Bomoi
Project Name: Handcrafted to serve | Created to inspire
Grant Location: CONGO

Project Description: The “Totonga Bomoi project” aims to build peace and prosperity in the Congo. Due to the failing democracy and rising levels of extreme poverty, thousands of Congolese have died from armed conflict, famine, and disease while millions remain internally displaced. This project believes that hope lies in the Congolese people, and that strong families and communities will be the ones to bring peace to the Congo. In 2014, Totonga Bomoi was founded to provide sewing formation, discussion-based business trainings, and employment opportunities to dozens of women throughout northeastern Congo.

Totonga Bomoi also highlights the beauty and resilience of the Congolese people through the creation of high-quality, artisan made products. The project’s fair trade collection includes bow ties and neckties as well as a unique line of head wraps for women with cancer. Learn more about Totonga Bomoi and how you too, can build peace and prosperity in the Congo.