Todd Slinde, Eagle’s NEST

Todd Slinde has thirty years of experience in horticulture and sustainability. As an ordained Elder with the First Presbyterian church in Visalia, CA, Todd felt that he was in a unique position to bridge the gap between faith and non-faith communities in order to promote environmental conservation and cooperative learning.

Todd’s program, Eagle’s NEST, was designed to educate local churches in the importance of caring for God’s creation, and mobilize participants to partner with local non-faith conservation groups in action, clean-up, and restoration projects. For example, Todd leads groups from the churches out to local preserves to do trail maintenance and remove non-native species of plants.

“Building bridges of trust and common ground between faith and non-faith communities is rare these days. We are beginning to make a difference in that regard toward the greater good of our world and its environment.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 11, 2014