Thomas Ngwira - Doroba Kitchen Gardening Project

Thomas Ngwira – Doroba Community Kitchen Gardening For Improve Nutrition Project

Date grant awarded: 12/15/2017

Thomas Ngwira is the founder and executive director of Action for Sustainable Development (ASUD), a local Malawian nongovernmental organization that aims to protect the environment in rural communities, improve food security and nutrition, enable vulnerable households to become economically self-sustaining and reduce the impact and spread of HIV/AIDS.

The Doroba Community Kitchen Gardening for Improved Nutrition Project, located in Traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba district, is designed to reduce the impacts of HIV/AIDS among 50 households with people living with HIV/AIDS and poor resources. The project promotes and supports household diet diversification activities using organic manure, indigenous vegetables and fruits for good nutrition. This is low cost initiative, health friendly and the indigenous crops being grown will withstand adverse weather conditions, which ensures availability of nutritious food throughout the year.