displaced youths taking training on how to maintain a yam and cassava farm

The Unique School Project, Batoke – Skills Impactation through School Gardening

Skills Impactation through School Gardening – also known as Garden in Wheels – is an initiative being carried out by Nojang Dominic Nojang, Coordinator of School Unique CIG, a comprehensive basic and vocational education project based in Batoke, Limbe, Cameroon. This initiative will train youths on how to develop a vegetable garden in very limited space using old car tires.

The project is being tailored to teach poor and vulnerable children, especially those who have been internally displaced due to the current socio-political crisis facing the two English speaking regions of Cameroon, on how to effectively maintain a vegetable garden in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

Nojang was inspired to do this work as the Cameroonian crisis displaced a large number of youth and thus he saw an opportunity to bring them together and renew their hope through sustainable agriculture. Funds will enable him to gather the vegetable seedlings as well as other materials needed for the training.