Rick Schafferman - The Excelsior League

The Excelsior League

Date grant awarded: September 28, 2017

The Excelsior League is a charity organization that focuses on brightening the lives and smiles of children fighting the battle against life threatening illnesses. They do this through using their talent of costume building and character portrayal at special charity events, functions, and private visits. Their mission is to improve the quality of life with pure heart and cosplay.

Rick Schafferman developed The Excelsior League in July 2015 after visiting the son of a close, long time friend of his at Duke Children’s Hospital as Spider-Man. 10 year old Micah Gaus was suffering from a brain tumor and passed away soon after that special visit. That ignited a fire for Rick that soon blossomed into a full a group full of individuals ready and willing to help others in need. In addition to visits and events, the League also does random fundraisers for families of children whom are going through treatment to help with the extensive bills due to treatment costs etc. The League works with local business in the community such as Arkham Comix of Rocky Mount and Wilson NC to hold the fundraiser events in their physical locations to bring people together from the community to help out the less fortunate.