Thao Le, Ba Trieu School of Consciousness2017-09-26T16:10:13+00:00
Thao Thanh Le

Thao Le, Ba Trieu School of Consciousness

Date grant awarded: 3/16/2017

The Ba Trieu School of Consciousness is an intensive youth leadership development program in San Jose, CA for Vietnamese / Vietnamese-American high school youth who see a need to enact change in their local communities. Participants will experience group exercises and engage in self-reflective conversations centered on racial and ethnic identity, gender expression and identity, discrimination, and family relationships among other topics.

Students will explore the rich history of Vietnam as inspiration for grappling with the social justice issues present in their schools, communities, and larger society. With greater self-awareness, students will walk away with leadership skills to create meaningful change in their families, schools and communities. Additionally, they will have a better understanding of the nature and development of effective strategies for social change.

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